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I just want time to slow down.

Four years ago today, I was walking/crying my way from kindergarten through eleventh grade with my 28 amazing high school classmates by my side and bundles of flowers in our arms. The next day, we left for a life-changing week on Lake Shasta. We graduated from the Sacramento Waldorf School on June 14th, and one month and twenty days later we lost one of our dearest.

Four years ago, I assumed that tomorrow I would be graduating from college, but I made a variety of life choices and I’ve got another year to go. But when that year is over, I’ll be stepping into the big bad world. I’m not ready.

Let’s go back to casual flipflops and dress codes and tech week and ribbed tank tops and hugging and soccer and midsummer night dreams and painting and arguing in Yearbook and ditching Calculus and walking endlessly around the track so we wouldn’t have to participate in PE. Let’s go back to 29 people who loved each other furiously and three dedicated sponsors who changed our lives.

  1. berlingirl posted this

A 24 year old [relatively] recent college grad. California to New England transplant, living the dream working at a boarding school. I just completed a year as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Villach, Austria. It's been more than two years since I lived in Berlin, but I can't be bothered to re-title my Tumblr. You can read about my adventures in Austria, and what I'm doing now, over at my real blog,